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The Bit Complexity of the Predecessor Y. Afek, M. Cohen, E. Haalman

Summary: The Bit Complexity of the Predecessor
Y. Afek, M. Cohen, E. Haalman
Computer Science Department
Tel­Aviv University
Israel 69978
Tight bound of 2n \Gamma 1 bits on the communication complexity of ``The Pre­
decessor'' problem in a synchronous ring (previously known as ``The last in
a synchronous ring'' problem) is presented.
Key Words: Distributed Computing, Unidirectional, Anonymous Ring.
1 Introduction
In [6] the following question, which we call the ``predecessor problem'', in
distributed computing on a unidirectional ring was raised: In a unidirec­
tional ring of finite automata, design an algorithm by which a designated
node, v, distinguishes the node preceding it from all other nodes. A solu­
tion to the predecessor problem plays a key roll in distributed algorithms for
uni­directional networks. In particular it serves as a basic building block in
algorithms for Depth First Search [1], Leader Election [6], Firing Squad Syn­
chronization [4, 8], and recently for self­stabilization in Unidirectional rings


Source: Afek, Yehuda - School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences