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Survey of Related Work The world cannot be understood from a single point of view.

Summary: 13
Survey of Related Work
The world cannot be understood from a single point of view.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Although there has been relatively little attention paid to the process of acquiring
goals for system development, the process of analyzing the objectives of a system has been
addressed in depth. To position the work in this thesis, some of the more relevant previous
work in this area is briefly surveyed.
In general, the existing techniques for acquiring and specifying system objectives are
either formal or informal. Formal techniques address the specification of declarations and
assertions in a logic­based formal language, which readily lend themselves to formal analy­
sis. Specification languages describe in detail and with minimal ambiguity the behavior of
mechanistic software systems. Since formal analysis affords the ability to engage in consis­
tency checking [44], reachability analysis [17], and formal error checking, these techniques
are receiving increased attention from industry in safety­critical domains; however, formal
languages (e.g. Z [79], VDM [50], Larch [39]) are not well suited for capturing requirements
models due to their limited scope. Practitioners who employ formal methods are concerned
with mathematical correctness and precision [47]; formal languages lack constructs to clearly
delineate the separation between domain descriptions and actual requirements [47], making


Source: Antón, Annie I. - Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences