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Adaptive Memoization Umut A. Acar Guy E. Blelloch Robert Harper

Summary: Adaptive Memoization
Umut A. Acar Guy E. Blelloch Robert Harper
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Memoization may be viewed as a mechanism for re-using
a computation--if a function is re-applied to the same ar-
gument we may re-use the previous computation to deter-
mine the result, rather than perform it again. Conventional
memoization is accurate in the sense that it only permits
re-use when a computation will be precisely the same as
one that has already been performed. But in many cases a
computation may be largely, though not entirely, the same
as one that has been previously carried out for a slightly
different input. The previous computation may be re-used
by permitting inaccurate memoization, and restoring accu-
rancy by adapting the result to the variant input. This tech-
nique, which we call adaptive memoization, greatly increases


Source: Acar, Umut - Programming Languages and Systems Group, Max-Planck Institute for Software Systems


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences