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COMMUNITY ECOLOGY -ORIGINAL PAPER The effects of habitat connectivity and regional heterogeneity

The effects of habitat connectivity and regional heterogeneity
on artificial pond metacommunities
Michael T. Pedruski Shelley E. Arnott
Received: 5 October 2009 / Accepted: 6 October 2010 / Published online: 26 October 2010
Springer-Verlag 2010
Abstract Habitat connectivity and regional heterogeneity
represent two factors likely to affect biodiversity across
different spatial scales. We performed a 3 9 2 factorial
design experiment to investigate the effects of connectiv-
ity, heterogeneity, and their interaction on artificial pond
communities of freshwater invertebrates at the local (a),
among-community (b), and regional (c) scales. Despite
expectations that the effects of connectivity would depend
on levels of regional heterogeneity, no significant interac-
tions were found for any diversity index investigated at any
spatial scale. While observed responses of biodiversity to
connectivity and heterogeneity depended to some extent on
the diversity index and spatial partitioning formula used,
the general pattern shows that these factors largely act at


Source: Arnott, Shelley - Department of Biology, Queen's University (Kingston)


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Biology and Medicine