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performance. An absence of entrainment in such species would

Summary: performance. An absence of
entrainment in such species would
raise the question of what else is
required for entrainment.
One possibility is the propensity to
engage in joint social action. A recent
study of entrainment in human children
[11] showed that young children find
it difficult to entrain to a purely
auditory stimulus (a disembodied
metronomic beat), or to a visible
drumbeating robot. They nonetheless
entrain with a human adult in a socially-
engaged game-playing context.
Perhaps a similar propensity for social
engagement underlies the apparent
capacity for parrots, but not other
birds, to entrain to a beat?
Parrots are long-lived, group-living
birds, and their open-ended learning


Source: Asbury, Chip - Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Biology and Medicine