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Introduction to Cadence's Capture CIS for users of Schematics Nicholas Ganig (nganig@eng.umd.edu) 05 February 2004

Summary: Introduction to Cadence's Capture CIS for users of Schematics
Nicholas Ganig (nganig@eng.umd.edu) 05 February 2004
With the release of Cadence PSD 15.1, the Schematics CAD program is no longer present, requiring a retraining
of our students and faculty. This guide is an attempt to ease the transition from PSD 14.2's Schematics program
to PSD 15.1's Capture CIS Program. While Capture CIS has many more features than Schematics, I will only
cover those which were relevant to Schematics users. Similarly, there were features used in Schematics that I
have not yet encountered, and so this guide is not intended to be complete, instead coving only the essentials. I
trust that you can learn the remainder on your own.
Creating a New Schematic
Open Capture CIS, which is found under the Start Menu.
You will be presented with the following Dialogue Box:
Choose `PCB Design Studio with Capture CIS' and click OK.
Once the Cadence splash screen passes, go to the File Menu, and select New, Project...
The following Dialogue Box will present itself.
Choose what folder you'd like to save the project in. The Project consists of several files, so a dedicated folder
is ideal. Furthermore, I recommend saving this on the `U:' drive, but if you'd like, the path to the `My
Documents' folder is above. Simply substitute your username for `Administrator.'
Make sure you have selected `Analog or Mixed A/D.' under `Create a New Project Using' You must also name
the project, any name is acceptable. Click OK to continue.


Source: Aydilek, Ahmet - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


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