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Math 2090 Spring 2005 Sections 4 and 7 P. Achar

Summary: Math 2090 Spring 2005
Sections 4 and 7 P. Achar
Hour Exam 2 Solutions
March 10, 2005
Total points: 100 Time limit: 50 minutes
No calculators permitted. You must show all your work to receive full credit. When carrying out row
operations on matrices, you may do more than one in each step, but you should always indicate what row
operation(s) you are doing.
1. (5 points) One of the vector space axioms is the unit property. What is the statement of this axiom?
Solution: For any vector v V , 1 v = v.
2. (5 points) Which of the following matrices are in row-echelon form?

1 5 0
0 0 2
0 0 0



Source: Achar, Pramod - Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University


Collections: Mathematics