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Remote Sens. 2011, 3, 601-620; doi:10.3390/rs3030601 Remote Sensing

Summary: Remote Sens. 2011, 3, 601-620; doi:10.3390/rs3030601
Remote Sensing
ISSN 2072-4292
Virtual Interpretation of Earth Web-Interface Tool (VIEW-IT)
for Collecting Land-Use/Land-Cover Reference Data
Matthew L. Clark 1,
* and T. Mitchell Aide 2
1 Center for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Analysis, Department of Geography and Global Studies,
Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA 94928, USA
2 Department of Biology, University of Puerto Rico, P.O. Box 23360, San Juan, PR 00931, USA;
E-Mail: tmaide@yahoo.com
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed; E-Mail: mateolclark@gmail.com;
Tel.: +1-707-664-2558; Fax: +1-707-664-3332.
Received: 20 January 2011; in revised form: 18 February 2011 / Accepted: 14 March 2011 /
Published: 21 March 2011
Abstract: Web-based applications that integrate geospatial information, or the geoweb,
offer exciting opportunities for remote sensing science. One such application is a
Web-based system for automating the collection of reference data for producing and


Source: Aide, Mitchell - Department of Biology, Universidad de Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology