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JDT-00073-2005 1 Abstract--volumetric 3D displays are an emerging technology

Summary: JDT-00073-2005 1
Abstract--volumetric 3D displays are an emerging technology
that allows the user to explore a 3D scene free of joysticks,
keyboards, goggles, or trackers. For non-trivial scenes,
computing and transferring a 3D image to the display takes
hundreds of seconds, which is a serious bottleneck for many
We propose to represent the 3D scene with an occlusion
camera reference image (OCRI). The OCRI is a compact scene
representation that stores only and all scene samples that are
visible from a viewing volume centered at a reference viewpoint.
The OCRI is constructed efficiently, with the help of graphics
hardware. The OCRI enables computing and transferring the 3D
image an order of magnitude faster than when the entire scene is
processed. The OCRI has a single-layer, thus it maintains the
regular depth image advantages of bounded cost, inexpensive
incremental processing, and implicit connectivity. Unlike regular
depth images, the OCRI also stores samples that are not visible in
the reference view, but are likely to become visible in adjacent
views. These samples prevent disocclusion errors.


Source: Aliaga, Daniel G. - Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences