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Floating Navigator Echo (FNAV) for In-Plane 2D Translational Motion Estimation

Summary: Floating Navigator Echo (FNAV) for In-Plane 2D
Translational Motion Estimation
Yasser M. Kadah,1,2* Ayman A. Abaza,2
Ahmed S. Fahmy,3
Abou-Bakr M. Youssef,2
Keith Heberlein,1
and Xiaoping P. Hu1
A modification of the classical navigator echo (NAV) technique
is presented whereby both 2D translational motion components
are computed from a single navigator line. Instead of acquiring
the NAV at the center of the k-space, a kx line is acquired
off-center in the phase-encoding (ky) direction as a floating NAV
(FNAV). It is shown that the translational motion in both the
readout and phase-encoding directions can be computed from
this line. The algorithm used is described in detail and verified
experimentally. The new technique can be readily implemented
to replace classic NAV in MRI sequences, with little to no ad-
ditional cost or complexity. The new method can help suppress
2D translational motion and provide more accurate motion es-
timates for other motion-suppression techniques, such as the


Source: Abaza, Ayman - West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation.


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences