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Interactive Sound Federico Avanzini

Summary: Chapter 9
Interactive Sound
Federico Avanzini
Department of Information Engineering, University of Padua
About this chapter
This chapter tries to trace a route that, starting from studies in ecological
perception and action-perception loop theories, goes down to sound modelling
and design techniques for interactive computer animation and virtual reality
We do not intend to provide an in-depth discussion about different the-
ories of perception. We rather review a number of studies from experimental
psychology that we consider to be relevant for research in multimodal virtual
environments and interfaces, and we argue that such research needs to become
more aware of studies in ecological perception and multimodal perception.
The chapter starts with an analysis of relevant literature in perception,
while sound modelling techniques and applications to multimodal interfaces
and VR are addressed in the last part of the chapter. The technically inclined
reader may turn the chapter upside-down and start reading the last sections,
346 Chapter 9. Interactive Sound
referring to the initial material when needed. Where necessary, we will make


Source: Avanzini, Federico - Department of Information Engineering, Universit degli Studi di Padova


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences