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The Joy of GEM Helmer Aslaksen

Summary: The Joy of GEM
Helmer Aslaksen
Department of Mathematics
General Education Modules
Teaching General Education Modules (GEM) allows me to put everything I've always
wanted to do in teaching into practice! I have designed two modules GEK1506, "Heavenly
Mathematics: Cultural Astronomy" and GEK1518, "Mathematics in Art and Architecture"
where I aim to:
change the way students look at the world around them,
give students knowledge that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives, and
make students appreciate the beauty and relevance of mathematics.
Teaching Goals
Appreciate mathematics. I love mathematics for its internal beauty and its relevance to the
world around us. Unfortunately, many of our students have been deeply traumatised by the
way mathematics is taught in schools. In my teaching I show the students that mathematics is
not just about exams and formulas, but that it is related to a wide range of everyday
Lifelong learning. The main reason why I wanted to become a professor is because I love
learning! One of my main goals is to help students appreciate knowledge and develop a
lifelong passion for learning. I also help my students understand that going to a university is


Source: Aslaksen, Helmer - Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore


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