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Identication of a MADS-box gene, FLOWERING LOCUS M, that represses owering

Summary: Identi«cation of a MADS-box gene, FLOWERING LOCUS M,
that represses »owering
Katia C. Scortecci1,2
, Scott D. Michaels1
and Richard M. Amasino1,*
Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin, 433 Babcock Drive, Madison, WI 53706-1544, USA, and
Departamento de Bota├nica, Instituto de Biocie├ncias, Universidade de Sa─o Paulo, Rua do Mata─o No. 277, Sa─o Paulo/SP,
CEP-05508-900, Brazil
Received 29 November 2000; revised 13 February 2001; accepted 20 February 2001.
For correspondence (fax +1 608 262 3453; e-mail amasino@biochem.wisc.edu).
The timing of »owering is important for the reproductive success of plants. Here we describe the
identi«cation and characterization of a new MADS-box gene, FLOWERING LOCUS M (FLM), which is
involved in the transition from vegetative to reproductive development. FLM is similar in amino-acid
sequence to FLC, another MADS-box gene involved in »owering-time control. »m mutants are early
»owering in both inductive and non-inductive photoperiods, and »owering time is sensitive to FLM
dosage. FLM overexpression produces late-»owering plants. Thus FLM acts as an inhibitor of »owering.


Source: Amasino, Richard M. - Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Biology and Medicine