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Answer Extraction Steven Abney Michael Collins Amit Singhal

Summary: Answer Extraction
Steven Abney Michael Collins Amit Singhal
AT&T Shannon Laboratory
180 Park Ave.
Florham Park, NJ 07932
Information retrieval systems have typically concen-
trated on retrieving a set of documents which are rel-
evant to a user's query. This paper describes a sys-
tem that attempts to retrieve a much smaller section
of text, namely, a direct answer to a user's question.
The SMART IR system is used to extract a ranked
set of passages that are relevant to the query. En-
tities are extracted from these passages as potential
answers to the question, and ranked for plausibility
according to how well their type matches the query,
and according to their frequency and position in the
passages. The system was evaluated at the TREC-8
question answering track: we give results and error


Source: Abney, Steven P. - School of Information, University of Michigan


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences