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Home seismometer for earthquake early warning Shigeki Horiuchi,1

Summary: Home seismometer for earthquake early warning
Shigeki Horiuchi,1
Yuko Horiuchi,2
Shunroku Yamamoto,3
Hiromitsu Nakamura,1
Changjiang Wu,1
Paul A. Rydelek,4
and Masaaki Kachi5
Received 4 November 2008; revised 7 December 2008; accepted 18 December 2008; published 13 February 2009.
[1] The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has started
the practical service of Earthquake Early Warning (EEW)
and a very dense deployment of receiving units is expected
in the near future. The receiving/alarm unit of an EEW
system is equipped with a CPU and memory and is on-line
via the internet. By adding an inexpensive seismometer and
A/D converter, this unit is transformed into a real-time
seismic observatory, which we are calling a home
seismometer. If the home seismometer is incorporated in
the standard receiving unit of EEW, then the number of
seismic observatories will be drastically increased. Since


Source: Allen, Richard M. - Seismological Laboratory, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California at Berkeley
Rawlinson, Nick - Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University


Collections: Geosciences