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Experimental Comparison of Handoff Performance of SIGMA and Mobile IP

Summary: Experimental Comparison of Handoff Performance
of SIGMA and Mobile IP
Surendra Kumar Sivagurunathan, Justin Jones, Mohammed Atiquzzaman, Shaojian Fu, Yong-Jin Lee
Telecommunications and Networks Research Lab
School of Computer Science
University of Oklahoma,
Norman, OK 73019-6151, USA
Email: {surain,bojones,atiq,sfu,yjlee}@ou.edu
Abstract-- Mobile IP and SIGMA are handoff schemes at
the network layer and the transport layer respectively. SIGMA
is based on IP diversity and aims to improve the handoff
performance over Mobile IP by reducing the handoff latency.
We compared the performance of the handoff schemes in an
experimental test bed. Results show that SIGMA has a lower
handoff latency when compared to Mobile IP. Moreover, SIGMA
can achieve a seamless handoff between two subnets.
The last two decades have seen considerable growth in
wireless networks which allow users to access the Internet
access without being tied down to one location. The current


Source: Atiquzzaman, Mohammed - School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences