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Astronomy & Astrophysics manuscript no. 9349 c ESO 2008 February 18, 2008

Summary: Astronomy & Astrophysics manuscript no. 9349 c ESO 2008
February 18, 2008
Small-scale flows in SUMER and TRACE high-cadence
M.S. Madjarska1 and J.G. Doyle2
Max-Planck-Institut fur Sonnensystemforschung, Max-Planck-Str. 2, 37191 Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany
Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, N. Ireland
Received date, accepted date
Context. We report on the physical properties of small-scale transient flows observed simultaneously at high cadence with the SUMER spec-
trometer and the TRACE imager in the plage area of an active region.
Aims. Our major objective is to provide a better understanding of the nature of transient phenomena in the solar atmosphere by using high-
cadence imager and spectrometer co-observations at similar spatial and temporal resolution.
Methods. A sequence of TRACE Fe IX/X 171 and high-resolution MDI images were analysed together with simultaneously obtained
SUMER observations in spectral lines covering a temperature range from 10 000 K to 1 MK.
Results. We reveal the existence of numerous transient flows in small-scale loops (up to 30 Mm) observed in the plage area of an active region.
These flows have temperatures from 10 000 K (the low temperature limit of our observations) to 250 000 K. The coronal response of these
features is uncertain due to a blending of the observed coronal line Mg X 624.85 . The duration of the events ranges from 60 s to 19 min


Source: Armagh Observatory


Collections: Physics