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Class of stabilising decentralisedcontrollers for interconnected dynamical systems

Summary: Class of stabilising decentralisedcontrollers for
interconnected dynamical systems
M. Aldeen, PhD, CEng, MlEE
Indexing terms: Decenrralised controllers, Interconnected dynmicol systems
Abstract: A method is presented for the system-
atic design of stabilising decentralised controllers
for large-scale interconnected dynamical systems.
The design method is based on (i) decentralised
implementation of global controllers obtained by
using existing global controller design methods,
(ii) model reduction of dynamical systems, and (iii)
modelling of the interactions among the sub-
systems comprising the global closed-loop control
system. This is used for generating local corrective
control signals, which would account for these
interactions. The resulting decentralised controller
uses local information only to generate local
control inputs. It comprises local state feedback
controllers and feedforward compensators. Three


Source: Aldeen, Mohammad - Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Melbourne


Collections: Engineering