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Impressions, challenges, solutions and methods from 30 years. By Neil W. Ashton

Summary: Impressions, challenges, solutions and methods from 30 years.
By Neil W. Ashton
This document comprises some of my impressions during almost 30 years of service at the
University of Regina. In some respects these observations imply that I am highly critical of
decisions and actions of previous administrations and indeed I am. This is not said out of spite
but because we need to recognise where we have gone wrong so that we can make things better.
I have balanced my criticism with recognition of challenges that we face, suggested solutions to
our problems together with methods for implementing these solutions. I have presented my
thoughts and ideas in point form and organised them under four headings:
impressions/observations, challenges, solutions, methods.
At the outset, I can claim to be more optimistic about our future that for some considerable time.
The arrival of Dr. Vianne Timmons and Dr. Gary Boire has stimulated a frank appraisal of our
situation and also left no doubt that they are listening with genuine interest to our dialogue. I also
appreciate the tireless efforts of Dr. Tom Chase and his whole team in collecting and collating the
views of the many interested parties. I respect particularly their encouragement of candour.
What follows is a personal and candid view meant to be sufficiently provocative to fuel further
Observations/impressions over a 30 year period
The University of Regina has grown from a relatively modest into a medium sized
university including


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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