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Identifying parameters of nonlinear structural dynamic systems using linear time-periodic approximations

Summary: Identifying parameters of nonlinear structural dynamic systems using linear time-
periodic approximations
Michael W. Sracic
Graduate Research Assistant, Ph.D Candidate
Matthew S. Allen
Assistant Professor
Department of Engineering Physics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
534 Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706
While numerous mature parametric identification methods are available for linear systems, there are only a few methods
capable of identifying parametric models for multiple degree of freedom nonlinear systems. In a previous work, the authors
proposed a new identification routine for nonlinear systems based on harmonically forcing a system in a periodic orbit and
then recording deviations from that orbit. Under mild assumptions one can model the response about the periodic orbit using
a linear time-periodic system model that is relatively easy to identify from the measurements using a variety of techniques.


Source: Allen, Matthew S. - Department of Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Engineering