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Axiomatizing GSOS with Predicates Luca Aceto1

Summary: Axiomatizing GSOS with Predicates
Luca Aceto1
, Georgiana Caltais1
, Eugen-Ioan Goriac1
, and Anna Ingolfsdottir1
ICE-TCS, School of Computer Science, Reykjavik University, Iceland
Abstract. In this paper, we introduce an extension of the GSOS rule
format with predicates such as termination, convergence and divergence.
For a restriction of this format to what we call explicit predicates, we gen-
eralize the technique proposed by Aceto, Bloom and Vaandrager for the
automatic generation of ground-complete axiomatizations of bisimilarity
over GSOS systems. Our procedure is implemented in a tool that receives
SOS specifications as input and derives the corresponding axiomatiza-
tions automatically. This paves the way to checking strong bisimilarity
over process terms by means of theorem-proving techniques. We also
describe how the proposed techniques and their implementation can be
used to handle more general predicates than the explicit ones.
1 Introduction
One of the greatest challenges in computer science is the development of rigorous


Source: Aceto, Luca - School of Computer Science, Reykjavík University


Collections: Mathematics; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences