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Access and Affordability Saskatchewan Food Banks Explore the Cost of Healthy Eating

Summary: Access and Affordability
Saskatchewan Food Banks Explore the Cost of Healthy Eating
Executive Summary and Observations
To obtain copies of the full report, please visit www.reginafoodbank.ca
Executive Summary
What is the purpose of this report?
The purpose of the food security research project was to achieve a better understanding of food insecurity
within a local and provincial context. The Regina Food Bank serves food insecure clients on a daily basis, and
an increase in demand over the past year posed the question, "Why are so many people requiring assistance at
our food bank?" Using data obtained from the Regina Food Bank, the research sought to identify segments of
the population who are accessing the food bank in greater numbers, and to determine what sources of income
are available to them. Case scenarios were utilized to quantify the income these individuals and families had
access to each month. In turn, these resources were compared to their average expenditures, including rents,
and the cost of a healthy food basket, as determined by the 2009 Saskatchewan Food Costing Report. These case
scenarios assisted the researcher in determining the financial barriers low income families regularly face in order
to access healthy, nutritious food.
Additionally, the Steering Committee focused on conducting a literature review which would allow access to
existing reports, journals, data, and statistics on food security/insecurity from a number of jurisdictions across
Canada. A comprehensive literature review created a better understanding of what food security is, by identifying
who is most vulnerable to food insecurity. It also outlined the various health costs associated with food


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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