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Incremental Certificates and Checkers for Abstraction-Carrying Code

Summary: Incremental Certificates and Checkers for
Abstraction-Carrying Code
Elvira Albert1
, Puri Arenas1
, and Germ´an Puebla2
Complutense University of Madrid, {elvira,puri}@sip.ucm.es
Technical University of Madrid, german@fi.upm.es
Abstract. Abstraction-Carrying Code (ACC) has recently been pro-
posed as a framework for proof-carrying code (PCC) in which the code
supplier provides a program together with an abstraction (or abstract
model of the program) whose validity entails compliance with a prede-
fined safety policy. The abstraction plays thus the role of safety certificate
and its generation is carried out automatically by a fixed-point analyzer.
Existing approaches for PCC are developed under the assumption that
the consumer reads and validates the entire program w.r.t. the original
certificate at once, in a non-incremental way. In the context of ACC, we
propose an incremental approach to PCC for the generation of certifi-
cates and the checking of untrusted increments of a (trusted) program,


Source: Arenas, Puri - Facultad de Informática, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences