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Microwave surface impedance of proximity-coupled superconducting ,,Nb.../spin-glass ,,CuMn... bilayers

Summary: Microwave surface impedance of proximity-coupled superconducting ,,Nb.../spin-glass
,,CuMn... bilayers
L. V. Mercaldo* and Steven M. Anlage
Center for Superconductivity Research, Department of Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20742-4111
L. Maritato
Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita` degli Studi di Salerno, Baronissi, Salerno I-84081, Italy
Received 12 August 1998; revised manuscript received 2 November 1998
The surface impedance of Nb/CuMn superconducting/spin-glass bilayers has been measured at 10 GHz
with the parallel plate resonator technique to obtain information about the exotic behavior of the order param-
eter in superconducting/magnetic proximity systems. The data strongly differ from the superconducting/
normal-metal case, showing the magnetic nature of the CuMn layer, which acts as a weak ferromagnet. The
results are described in the framework of two models for the electrodynamics of superconducting/
ferromagnetic S/M bilayers characterized by a proximity-coupling length scale which is independent of
temperature. S0163-1829 99 13205-3
The issue of the interplay between superconductivity and
ferromagnetism has been an intriguing research opportunity
for many years.1,2
Exotic phenomena are predicted for
superconducting/ferromagnetic S/M coupled layered struc-


Source: Anlage, Steven - Center for Superconductivity Research & Department of Physics, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Materials Science