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ASTR 5820: Origin and Evolution of Planetary Systems http://jilawww.colorado.edu/~pja/astr5820/

Summary: ASTR 5820: Origin and Evolution of Planetary Systems
TIME & PLACE: Tuesday / Thursday 11:00 am 12:15 pm, Duane D142
INSTRUCTOR: Phil Armitage (pja@jilau1.colorado.edu; office JILA A909; phone
2-7836). There are no official `office hours' for this class, you're welcome to stop
by at any time to discuss the class. I'm normally in the office most afternoons /
early evenings (2-6pm). Call or email if you want to be certain that I'm in before
climbing the JILA tower.
AIMS: The primary goal is to provide an introduction to the formation and early
evolution of planetary systems, including our own Solar System as well as
extrasolar planetary systems. Since this is a graduate class, the hope is that it will
prepare you to critically read papers in the field and, potentially, start your own
research. The course should also provide some experience in numerical and
analytic methods that may be useful in other contexts, and general research skills
(reading and reviewing papers, giving presentations etc).
1. Introduction: The Solar System, detection and basic properties of
extrasolar planetary systems.
2. Protoplanetary disks: origin within the larger star formation picture,
structure of passive and active disks, evolution of disks as accretion flows,


Source: Armitage, Phil - Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder


Collections: Physics