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Research Article Age-Related Changes in the

Summary: Research Article
Age-Related Changes in the
Episodic Simulation of Future
Donna Rose Addis, Alana T. Wong, and Daniel L. Schacter
Harvard University
ABSTRACT--Episodic memory enables individuals to recol-
lect past events as well as imagine possible future scenar-
ios. Although the episodic specificity of past events declines
as people grow older, it is unknown whether the same is
true for future events. In an adapted version of the Auto-
biographical Interview, young and older participants
generated past and future events. Transcriptions were
segmented into distinct details that were classified as either
internal (episodic) or external. Older adults generated
fewer internal details than younger adults for past events,
a result replicating previous findings; more important, we
show that this deficit extends to future events. Further-
more, the number of internal details and the number of
external details both showed correlations between past and


Source: Addis, Donna Rose - Department of Psychology, University of Auckland
Schacter, Daniel - Department of Psychology, Harvard University


Collections: Biology and Medicine