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Math 308, Matlab assignment 1 due February 5 in class

Summary: Math 308, Matlab assignment 1
due February 5 in class
1. In your home directory (folder), create a directory in which you will keep your Matlab files, for
example "Matlab".
Go to
if you use Linux or
if you use Windows, and follow instructions to download and unzip supplementary files in your
Matlab directory. You may need to copy the files from the Polking subdirectory to the top level
directory for Matlab to see them.
Start Matlab and change the "current directory" to your Matlab directory.
1. Plot the direction fields for the following differential equations. Choose the limits on the de-
pendent and the independent variables to make the plot informative. Make sure to label the axes if
necessary, and to indicate what is depicted in each plot. Include in each plot solution curves with
initial conditions f(1) = 1, f(1) = 2, and one or two more. Print out the result.
(a) dy
= y


Source: Anshelevich, Michael - Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University


Collections: Mathematics