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Abstract --A multilayer neural network based on multi-valued neurons (MLMVN) is a neural network with a

Summary: Abstract -- A multilayer neural network based on multi-
valued neurons (MLMVN) is a neural network with a
traditional feedforward architecture. At the same time this
network has a number of specific properties and advantages.
Its backpropagation learning algorithm does not require
differentiability of the activation function. The functionality of
MLMVN is higher than the ones of the traditional feedforward
neural networks and a variety of kernel-based networks. Its
higher flexibility and faster adaptation to the mapping
implemented make possible an accomplishment of complex
problems using a simpler network. The MLMVN can be used
to solve those non-standard recognition and classification
problems that cannot be solved using other techniques. In this
paper we use the MLMVN as a tool for the blur identification
problem. A prior knowledge about the distorting operator and
its parameter is of crucial importance in blurred image
multilayer neural network based on multi-valued
neurons (MLMVN) has been introduced in [1] and then


Source: Aizenberg, Igor - College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, Texas A&M University at Texarkana


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences