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Thursday Seminar Series September 8, 2011

Summary: Thursday Seminar Series
September 8, 2011
Room 1008 Bldg 937 12:00PM
Field Effect Transistors for THz
Detection at Room Temperature
Commercial applications of THz radiation typically require room-
temperature operating detectors and sources. To date, Schottky diodes are
frequently used for detection. Within the past decade, a rectification effect in
field effect transistors (FETs) was explored for THz detection as an
alternative to Schottky diodes. We will briefly review an extended
theoretical model for the rectification effect in FETs.
Although Schottky diodes are excellent heterodyne mixers, they cannot be
used for homodyne detection because local oscillator and measurement
signal have to be delivered to one port and cannot be distinguished by the
diode. The third terminal of the FET device, however, enables homodyne
detection, supported by experimental results with GaAs-based antenna-
coupled FETs.
We will also show results on direct detection with antenna coupled and


Source: Ahlers, Guenter - Department of Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Physics