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Flexible Ownership Domain Annotations for Expressing and Visualizing Design Intent

Summary: Flexible Ownership Domain Annotations for
Expressing and Visualizing Design Intent
Marwan Abi-Antoun and Jonathan Aldrich (Advisor)
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Abstract. Flexible ownership domain annotations can express and enforce
design intent related to encapsulation and communication in real-world
object-oriented programs.
Ownership domain annotations also provide an intuitive and appealing
mechanism to obtain a sound visualization of a system's execution structure
at compile time. The visualization provides design intent, is hierarchical,
and thus more scalable than existing approaches that produce mostly non-
hierarchical raw object graphs.
The research proposal is to make the ownership domains type system more
flexible and develop the theory and the tools to produce a sound visualization
of the execution structure from an annotated program and infer many of
these annotations semi-automatically at compile time.
1 Problem Description
To correctly modify an object-oriented program, a developer often needs to un-


Source: Abi-Antoun, Marwan - Department of Computer Science, Wayne State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences