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Field Evaluation of a Leachate Collection System Constructed with Scrap Tires

Summary: Field Evaluation of a Leachate Collection System
Constructed with Scrap Tires
Ahmet H. Aydilek1
; Edward Tristram Madden2
; and M. Melih Demirkan3
Abstract: Landfilling costs and the potential uses of scrap tires have prompted researchers to investigate beneficial reuses. One important
application is the use of tire chips as a leachate collection material in municipal solid waste landfills. Laboratory and field studies were
conducted to investigate the performance of tire chips as a drainage medium in landfills. The laboratory portion of the program included
a series of hydraulic conductivity and compressibility tests. Two field test cells, one with tire chips and another with gravel as the control,
were constructed. The tire-chip cell was instrumented with flowmeters, thermistors, and gas collection devices to evaluate the hydraulic
performance as well as the potential for spontaneous combustion. Leachate collected from the two cells was analyzed to determine if tire
chips would potentially contaminate the groundwater. The results indicated that adequate drainage conditions were present within the
tire-chip layer. The presence of insignificant quantities of carbon monoxide, and the lack of oxygen, and recorded low temperatures
suggested that a combustion hazard was not present. The field leachate data indicated that tire chips can be safely used as part of a landfill
leachate collection layer, even though it may not be suitable to place them near drinking water sources.
DOI: 10.1061/ ASCE 1090-0241 2006 132:8 990
CE Database subject headings: Tires; Leaching; Combustion; Landfills; Waste management.
Over 290 million scrap tires are generated annually in the United
States. At present, only 24% of the scrap tires is beneficially


Source: Aydilek, Ahmet - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Engineering