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I. I. Clusters of galaxies and large scale structure

Summary: I. I. Clusters of galaxies and
large scale structure
I. Aretxaga
(based on the notes by R. Bender, C. Oliveira )
A bit of history
Charles Messier published his famous catalogue of
nebulae in 1784.
He noted that: "The constellation of Virgo... is one of
the constellations that contains the greatest number of
Other similar concentrations of nebulae were found in
the 18th and 19th centuries by the Herschels.
William Herschel (1785) commented on: "That
remarkable collection of many hundreds of nebulae
which can be seen in what I call the nebulous startum of
Coma Berenices"
Other clusters of nebulae were discovered by: Wolf
(1902, 1906), Lundmark (1927), Baade (1928), Christie
(1929), Hubble and Humason (1931), Shapley (1934)
Why study clusters of galaxies?


Source: Aretxaga, Itziar - Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica Óptica y Electrónica


Collections: Physics