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Preparative GPC Manual Krystyna Brzezinska (kbrzez@mrl.ucsb.edu)

Summary: Preparative GPC Manual
Krystyna Brzezinska (kbrzez@mrl.ucsb.edu)
May, 2008
SAMPLE PREPARATION: Polymer 0.1 g or less dissolve into 2 mL of THF. Filter through 0.45 Ám
OPEN PROGRAM: Empower- Run Samples- Water Diagnostic- Prep. GPC
1. Load Samples- Load using "previously created sample set method"- GPC Prep.- OK.
2. Sample name- injection volume (up to 2 mL).
3. Slowly increase flow (0 - 6 mL/min). Method- GPC Prep1. Stop Flow icon use ONLY in the
emergency situation. Recycle THF for 15-30 min to equilibrate system. Purge RI detector.
4. Wash injector few times with THF in the LOAD position. Load maximum 2 mL of the
filtered solution into injector. USE SYRINGE WITH FLAT NEEDLE (Important!!).
5. Click on the GREEN icon- ok (a.) Sample Set- Setting up- b) Sample Set- Waiting for
injection. Don't remove syringe. Move injector into INJECT position. Leave syringe until end
of the run (45 min). Collect fractions.
6. After 45 min move injector into the LOAD position. Wash injector few times with THF.
Injector is ready for next injection.
7. From time to time between runs inject pure THF to be sure that no polymer was left inside the
injector or on the column.


Source: Akhmedov, Azer - Department of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Mathematics