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Combust. Theory Modelling 1 (1997) 113--142. Printed in the UK PII: S13647830(97)802495 High resolution numerical simulation of ideal and

Summary: Combust. Theory Modelling 1 (1997) 113--142. Printed in the UK PII: S1364­7830(97)80249­5
High resolution numerical simulation of ideal and
non­ideal compressible reacting flows with embedded
internal boundaries
Shaojie Xu, Tariq Aslam and D Scott Stewart+
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, USA
Received 6 December 1996
Abstract. This paper explains the methodology used to develop a high­resolution, multi­
dimensional Euler solver that is capable of handling non­ideal equation of state and stiff chemical
source terms. We have developed a pointwise implementation that has computational advantages
for our intended applications, as opposed to a finite volume implementation. Our solver allows
for the placement of internal reflective boundaries and the standard inflow and outflow and
reflective boundaries at the edge of the domain. We discuss the spatial discretization and the
temporal integration schemes, upwinding and flux splitting and the combined use of the Lax--
Friedrichs and Roe schemes to solve for the required fluxes. A complete description of the
pointwise internal boundary method is given. An overall summary of a representative code
structure is given. We provide details on the verification of our integrated set of algorithms that
resulted in an application code. We demonstrate the order of convergence for test problems.
Two example applications from measurement of detonation shock dynamics and deflagration to
detonation transition in porous energetic materials are presented.


Source: Aslam, Tariq - Los Alamos National Laboratory


Collections: Physics