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PLANT MICROBE INTERACTIONS Community Analysis Reveals Close Affinities

Community Analysis Reveals Close Affinities
Between Endophytic and Endolichenic Fungi
in Mosses and Lichens
Jana M. U'Ren & François Lutzoni &
Jolanta Miadlikowska & A. Elizabeth Arnold
Received: 29 January 2010 /Accepted: 2 June 2010
# Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2010
Abstract Endolichenic fungi live in close association with
algal photobionts inside asymptomatic lichen thalli and
resemble fungal endophytes of plants in terms of taxonomy,
diversity, transmission mode, and evolutionary history. This
similarity has led to uncertainty regarding the distinctiveness of
endolichenic fungi compared with endophytes. Here, we
evaluate whether these fungi represent distinct ecological
guilds or a single guild of flexible symbiotrophs capable of
colonizing plants or lichens indiscriminately. Culturable fungi
were sampled exhaustively from replicate sets of phylogenet-
ically diverse plants and lichens in three microsites in a
montane forest in southeastern Arizona (USA). Intensive


Source: Arnold, A. Elizabeth - School of Plant Sciences, University of Arizona


Collections: Biology and Medicine