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Copyright 2002 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. With NASA's resources dedicated to the six-fold

Summary: Copyright 2002 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.
With NASA's resources dedicated to the six-fold
increase in extravehicular operations required for the
construction of International Space Station, there are few
or no opportunities to conduct neutral buoyancy
research which requires the use of pressure suits. For
this reason, the University of Maryland Space Systems
Laboratory has developed a system which replicates
some limited aspects of pressure suits to facilitate neutral
buoyancy research into EVA bioinstrumentation and
EVA/robotic interactions. The MX-2 suit analogue is built
around a hard upper torso with integrated hemispherical
helmet and rear-entry hatch. Three-layer soft goods
(pressure bladder, restraint layer, and
thermal/micrometeoroid garment with integral ballast
system) are used for the arms and lower torso. Designed
for human use at 2 psid, the MX-2 provides (in a coarse
sense) the outer envelope and joint restrictions of
operational pressure suits, while providing realistic visual


Source: Akin, David - Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Engineering