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Tracking multiple fluorescent particles in two dimensions in a confocal Zhaolong Shen and Sean B. Andersson

Summary: Tracking multiple fluorescent particles in two dimensions in a confocal
Zhaolong Shen and Sean B. Andersson
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Boston University, Boston, MA 02215
Abstract-- In this paper, we describe a system for tracking
multiple fluorescent particles in a confocal microscope. The
tracking algorithm relies on position estimates derived from
fluorescence measurements taken at a small number of discrete
locations. An LQG controller is used to drive the overall
tracking procedure. We report experimental results of tracking
a single fixed particle, a single diffusing particle, and two fixed
Within the past few years, tracking of fluorescent parti-
cles in liquid environment has been used widely by biolo-
gists to study molecular dynamics at submicron resolution,
greatly exceeding the resolution limits of classical optical
microscopy. Recent applications include the study of the
nuclear trafficking process of influenza virus infection by


Source: Andersson, Sean B. - Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Boston University


Collections: Engineering