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Using Irreducible Group Representations for Invariant 3D Shape Description

Summary: Using Irreducible Group Representations for
Invariant 3D Shape Description
Marco Reisert and Hans Burkhardt
University of Freiburg, Computer Science Department,
79110 Freiburg i.Br., Germany
Abstract. Invariant feature representations for 3D objects are one of
the basic needs in 3D object retrieval and classification. One tool to ob-
tain rotation invariance are Spherical Harmonics, which are an orthog-
onal basis for the functions defined on the 2-sphere. We show that the
irreducible representations of the 3D rotation group, which acts on the
Spherical Harmonic representation, can give more information about the
considered object than the Spherical Harmonic expansion itself. We em-
bed our new feature extraction methods in the group integration frame-
work and show experiments for 3D-surface data (Princeton Shape Bench-
1 Introduction
In many fields researchers deal with a huge amount of three dimensional data.
In medical and biological applications one usually has to do with volumetric
scans of various types. There is a need for fast and reliable feature extraction


Source: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Institut für Informatik,, Lehrstuhls für Mustererkennung und Bildverarbeitung


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences