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Isometric Coding of Spiking Haptic Signals by Peripheral Somatosensory Neurons

Summary: Isometric Coding of Spiking Haptic Signals by
Peripheral Somatosensory Neurons
Romain Brasselet1
, Roland S. Johansson2
, and Angelo Arleo1,
CNRS - UPMC Univ Paris 6, UMR 7102, F75005, Paris, France
Tel.: +33 1 44 27 27 80
UMEA Univ, Dept Integr Medical Biology SE-901 87 Ume°a, Sweden
Abstract. We study how primary tactile afferents encode relevant con-
tact features to mediate early processing of haptic information. In this
paper, we apply metrical information theory to perform temporal de-
coding of human microneurography data. First, we enrich the theory by
deriving a novel spike train metrics inspired by neuronal computation.
This spike train metrics can be interpreted biologically and its behaviour
is not influenced by spontaneous activity, which decreases the ability of
other spike metrics to separate input patterns. Second, we employ our
metrical information tools to demonstrate that primary spiking signals


Source: Arleo, Angelo - Laboratory of Neurobiology of Adaptive Processes, Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, Paris 6


Collections: Biology and Medicine