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FERROELECTRICS Editorial Recent developments in ferroelectric nanostructures

Summary: FERROELECTRICS Editorial
Recent developments in ferroelectric nanostructures
and multilayers
S. P. Alpay V. Nagarajan G. A. Rossetti Jr.
Published online: 11 August 2009
Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2009
The property of ferroelectricity was first reported in 1921
in Rochelle salt (sodium potassium tartrate). Once con-
sidered a rare phenomenon limited to a comparatively
small class of crystals, the discovery of ferroelectricity in
the binary oxide compound barium titanate (BaTiO3) in the
mid-1940s paved the way for rapid advances in the search
of new materials. Since that time, a great many other fer-
roelectric compounds and solid solutions have been found
and there has been broad interest in ferroelectric materials
that has continued essentially uninterrupted until the pres-
ent time. Ferroelectric materials remain subjects of inten-
sive investigation today for three principal reasons. First,
the unique dielectric, pyroelectric, piezoelectric, and elec-
tro-optic properties exhibited by ferroelectric crystals,


Source: Alpay, S. Pamir - Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut


Collections: Materials Science