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Competitive Routing of Virtual Circuits with Unknown Duration Baruch Awerbuch \Lambda

Summary: Competitive Routing of Virtual Circuits with Unknown Duration
Baruch Awerbuch \Lambda
Yossi Azar y
Tel­Aviv University
Serge Plotkin z
Stanford University
Orli Waarts x
IBM Almaden
In this paper we present a strategy to route unknown duration virtual circuits in a high­speed communication
network. Previous work on virtual circuit routing concentrated on the case where the call duration is known
in advance. We show that by allowing O(log n) reroutes per call, we can achieve O(log n) competitive ratio
with respect to the maximum load (congestion) for the unknown duration case, were n is the number of
nodes in the network. This is in contrast to
the\Omega\Gamma 4
n) lower bound on the competitive ratio for this case
if no rerouting is allowed [3].
Our routing algorithm can be also applied in the context of machine load balancing of tasks with unknown


Source: Awerbuch, Baruch - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences