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Load Balancing and Locality in Range-Queriable Data James Aspnes

Summary: Load Balancing and Locality in Range-Queriable Data
James Aspnes
Jonathan Kirsch
Arvind Krishnamurthy§
We describe a load-balancing mechanism for assigning elements to
servers in a distributed data structure that supports range queries.
The mechanism ensures both load-balancing with respect to an
arbitrary load measure specified by the user and geographical lo-
cality, assigning elements with similar keys to the same server.
Though our mechanism is specifically designed to improve the per-
formance of skip graphs, it can be adapted to provide deterministic,
locality-preserving load-balancing to any distributed data structure
that orders machines in a ring or line.
Categories and Subject Descriptors
C.2.2 [Computer Communication Networks]: Network Proto-
cols--Applications, routing protocols
General Terms
Algorithms, Performance, Experimentation


Source: Aspnes, James - Department of Computer Science, Yale University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences