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Horizontal plane HRTF reproduction using continuous Fourier-Bessel functions

Summary: Horizontal plane HRTF reproduction using
continuous Fourier-Bessel functions
Wen Zhang1,2, Thushara D. Abhayapala1,2, Rodney A. Kennedy1
1Department of Information Engineering, Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering, The Australian National
University, Canberra ACT 0200, Australia
2Wireless Signal Processing Program, Canberra Research Laboratory, NICTA, Canberra ACT 2612, Australia
Correspondence should be addressed to Wen Zhang (wen@rsise.anu.edu.au)
This paper proposes a method to reproduce the Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) in the horizontal
auditory scene. The method is based on a separable representation which consists of a Fourier Bessel
series expansion for the spectral components and a conventional Fourier series expansion for the spatial
dependence. The proposed representation can be used to predict HRTFs at any azimuth position and at any
frequency sampling point from a finite number of measurements. Implementation details are demonstrated
in the paper. Measured HRTFs from a KEMAR manikin and analytically simulated HRTFs were used to
validate the fidelity and predictive capabilities of the method. The average mean square error for model
reconstruction is less than two percent.
The ability of human beings to localize the sound in
three dimensions depends on the way the sound waves
from the same source differ from each other as they


Source: Abhayapala, Thushara D. - Department of Information Engineering, Australian National University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences