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Deconstructing Interaction Dynamics in Knowledge Sharing Communities

Summary: Deconstructing Interaction Dynamics in Knowledge
Sharing Communities
Ablimit Aji and Eugene Agichtein
Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Emory University
Abstract. Online knowledge sharing sites have recently exploded in popularity,
and have began to play an important role in online information seeking. Unfortu-
nately, many factors that influence the effectiveness of the information exchange
in these communities are not well understood. This paper is an attempt to fill this
gap by exploring the dynamics of information sharing in such sites - that is, iden-
tifying the factors that can explain how people respond to information requests.
As a case study, we use Yahoo! Answers, one of the leading knowledge sharing
portals on the web with millions of active participants. We follow the progress
of thousands of questions, from posting until resolution. We examine contextual
factors such as the topical area of the questions, as well as intrinsic factors of
question wording, subjectivity, sentiment, and other characteristics that could in-
fluence how a community responds to an information request. Our findings could
be useful for improving existing collaborative question answering systems, and
for designing the next generation of knowledge sharing communities.


Source: Agichtein, Eugene - Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences