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Shorya Awtar1 e-mail: awtar@umich.edu

Summary: Shorya Awtar1
e-mail: awtar@umich.edu
Shiladitya Sen
e-mail: shiladit@umich.edu
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
University of Michigan,
2350 Hayward Street,
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
A Generalized Constraint Model
for Two-Dimensional Beam
Flexures: Nonlinear Strain Energy
The beam constraint model (BCM), presented previously, captures pertinent nonlineari-
ties to predict the constraint characteristics of a generalized beam flexure in terms of its
stiffness and error motions. In this paper, a nonlinear strain energy formulation for the
beam flexure, consistent with the transverse-direction load-displacement and axial-
direction geometric constraint relations in the BCM, is presented. An explicit strain
energy expression, in terms of beam end displacements, that accommodates generalized
loading conditions, boundary conditions, initial curvature, and beam shape, is derived.
Using energy-based arguments, new insight into the BCM is elucidated by fundamental


Source: Awtar, Shorya - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan


Collections: Engineering