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Structured Modeling of Concurrent Stochastic Hybrid Systems #

Summary: Structured Modeling of Concurrent Stochastic
Hybrid Systems #
Mikhail Bernadsky, Raman Sharykin, and Rajeev Alur
University of Pennsylvania
Abstract. We propose a modeling language for structured specification
of interacting components with both hybrid and stochastic dynamics.
The behavior of a stochastic hybrid agent is described using a hybrid au
tomaton whose dynamics is specified by stochastic di#erential equations
and probabilistic jumps. Stochastic hybrid agents interact with other
agents using shared variables. The operations of parallel composition,
instantiation and hiding are defined to allow hierarchical descriptions of
complex agents. We report on a stochastic extension of the modeling
environment Charon for hybrid systems, a simulation tool, and case
studies using the tool.
1 Introduction
Hybrid systems models combine discrete dynamics expressed using extended
state machines with continuous dynamics expressed using algebraic and di#er
ential equations (see [15, 1, 14, 3] for sample models). In many applications, from
embedded avionics controllers to biomolecular gene regulatory networks, there is
some uncertainty inherent in the physical world that can be most appropriately


Source: Alur, Rajeev - Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences