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Journal of Crystal Growth 294 (2006) 231235 In situ investigation on selenization kinetics of CuIn precursor using

Summary: Journal of Crystal Growth 294 (2006) 231≠235
In situ investigation on selenization kinetics of Cu≠In precursor using
time-resolved, high temperature X-ray diffraction
W.K. Kima
, E.A. Payzantb
, S. Yoona
, T.J. Andersona,√
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611, USA
Metals and Ceramics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831, USA
Received 7 March 2006; accepted 19 May 2006
Communicated by M.S. Goorsky
Available online 4 August 2006
In situ high-temperature X-ray diffraction was used to investigate the reaction mechanism and kinetics of a-CuInSe2 formation from
Cu≠In precursors during selenization. The precursor films were deposited in a migration-enhanced molecular beam epitaxial reactor on
Mo-coated thin glass substrates. During the selenization, the formation of CuSe was observed, followed by its transformation to CuSe2
at higher temperature. The formation of a-CuInSe2 was initiated at a temperature between 250 and 300 1C. Additionally, the production
of MoSe2 was clearly detected at temperatures above 440 1C. The reaction kinetics were analyzed using both the Avrami and parabolic


Source: Anderson, Timothy J. - Chemical Engineering Department, University of Florida


Collections: Materials Science