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0-7803-7978-0/03/$17.00 2003 474 Abstract--In this paper, we introduce and investigate a new

Summary: 0-7803-7978-0/03/$17.00 2003 474
Abstract-- In this paper, we introduce and investigate a new
problem referred to as the All Hops k-shortest Paths (AHKP)
problem. An efficient solution, the All Hops k-shortest Paths
Extended Bellman-Ford (AHKPEB) algorithm, is proposed.
Especially, when 1k = , AHKPEB is an optimal comparison-
based solution to the All Hops Optimal Path (AHOP) problem in
terms of the worst-case computational complexity, i.e., it is
impossible to find another comparison-based solution to Add-
AHOP having the worst-case computational complexity lower
than that of AHKPEB.
Index Terms-- Quality of Service (QoS), Bellman-Ford
algorithm, All Hops k-shortest Paths Problem (AHKP).
ne of the challenging issues for high-speed packet
switching networks to facilitate various applications is to
select feasible paths that satisfy different quality-of-
service (QoS) requirements. This problem is known as QoS
routing. However, it has been proved that multiple additively
constrained QoS routing is NP-complete [1]. Many proposed


Source: Ansari, Nirwan - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Collections: Engineering