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Technical Note: Revised Fully Stature Estimation Michelle H. Raxter,1

Summary: Technical Note: Revised Fully Stature Estimation
Michelle H. Raxter,1
* Christopher B. Ruff,2
and Benjamin M. Auerbach2
Department of Anthropology, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 33620
Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 21205
In a previous paper (Raxter et al., 2006), we devised
new formulae and clarified measurement procedures for
estimating living stature from skeletal height using
Fully's (1956) anatomical technique on Terry Collection
samples. Like previous researchers (Lundy, 1983; Lundy
and Feldesman, 1987; Sciulli et al., 1990; Sciulli and
Giesen, 1993; Bidmos, 2005; Petersen, 2005), we found
that it was necessary to adjust living statures for age,
i.e., the known decline of stature with aging (Trotter and
Gleser, 1951; Friedlaender et al., 1977; Galloway, 1988;
Cline et al., 1989; Chandler and Bock, 1991; Giles,


Source: Auerbach, Benjamin M. - Department of Anthropology, University of Tennessee


Collections: Biology and Medicine