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Monday 29 November Monday 9:00, axl08u, pxb, rxq, C60

Summary: Monday 29 November
Monday 9:00, axl08u, pxb, rxq, C60
Monday 9:15, mak09u, cmg, rxq, C60
Monday 9:30, wxd09u, cmg, rxq, C60
Monday 9:45, oxm00u, bsl, dsk, C60
Monday 10:00, rjg08u, jqg, tpp, C1
Monday 10:15, mxw18u, jqg, tpp, C1
Monday 10:30, jwk07u, cmg, exo, C1
Monday 10:45, jrg08u, rxq, nza, C1
Monday 11:00, bxc09u, exo, gmh, C60
Monday 11:15, sxq09u, exo, ajp, C60
Monday 11:30, sxf09u, gmh, ajp, C60
Monday 11:45, rjs07u, bnk, pxb, C60
Monday 12:00, kpp08u, bnk, pxb, C60
Monday 12:15, jxy09u, tpp, ajp, C60
Monday 12:30, lxz09u, tpp, ajp, C60
Monday 12:00, arp07u, rxq, nza, C1
Monday 12:45, xxf09u, mvr, jqb, C1
Monday 13:15, cyo08u, jqg, jqb, C1
Monday 13:30, rmc07u, jqg, gmh, C1


Source: Alechina, Natasha - School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences